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"You are my fortress" is an urban military emotional drama directed by Zhang Tong, starred by Ma Sichun and Bai Jingting, and co starred by Wang Yang, Jiang Peiyao, Chen Hao and Zhang Yao.



Based on the novel of the same name by Mu Qingyu, the play tells the romantic love story of a new resident doctor, Mi Ka met Xing kelei, the elite of the swat in the emergency rescue training organized by the hospital and the swat team. From the hostility caused by misunderstanding at the beginning to several unexpected rescues, Xing kelei was gradually attracted by Mi Lei's bravery and selflessness.



In the emergency rescue drill organized by the joint police school, Xing Kelei, the elite of swat, met with the resident doctor MI. With the increase of contact, the relationship between the two people is from the beginning of the potential and water fire to mutual understanding, Xing Kelei is very excited about MI. The sudden earthquake broke the peace of life.



Mi ka and Xing Kelei were ordered to go to the disaster area in the face of danger. They were loyal to their duties in the rescue work, which perfectly explained the spirit and will of the public security Swat and the people's doctors in the face of national crisis. With the continuous progress of disaster relief work, MI ka saw the awe inspiring justice of the police from Xing Kelei, and Xing Kelei also saw the benevolence of the people's doctors from MI ka, so as to understand the responsibility and mission of each other more and more.



In Africa, country A was in turmoil, and Mi ka rushed to country A with the medical team to be in danger. At this time, Xing kelei, who has become a member of China's peacekeeping police riot team, suddenly appeared. He cooperated with MI ka tacitly, and finally successfully protected the safety of all the people in the hospital. As police and doctors, they are willing to build a city for each other and guard each other and the t

housands of people behind them.



Up to now, the play's broadcast volume in iqiyi, Youku and Tencent video platforms has exceeded 1 billion, and its popularity can be seen. And the popularity of the play is not accidental. In order to get a more real understanding of the life of the Swat, the crew interviewed around Beijing and Nanjing.



The leading actor Bai Jingting also came to Nanjing before starting up, and he studied with the Nanjing Swat in professional aspects. From shooting to combat sign language, all conform to the professional habits of the Swat. He also insisted on the daily exercise to maintain the body's line sense and strength sense.



The prototype of the tiger commandos in the play is the Nanjing dragon tiger commandos, the top Swat force in China. In order to ensure that the training and action scenes of the swat presented in the play are real and wonderful, the dragon and tiger Commando Brigade conducted technical guidance in person, which not only strengthened the professionalism and authenticity of the image building of the Swat in the play, increased the brilliance of the plot, but also shortened the distance between the audience and the characters.



The equipment such as night vision, sniper platform vehicle and armored assault vehicle are all the actual combat equipment of the Dragon Tiger assault team. The "needle through rice", "windmill target" and "tire room" of the Swat training are the real training scenes of the Dragon Tiger assault team.



The main creative team integrates the real experience and perception of the swat of the dragon and tiger Commando Brigade into the creation. The team leader Xing Kelei and deputy team leader Shu Wenbo study the effective and "tricky" training program all day long to "torture" the team members.



The team members are painful and happy. They know that if they don't want to bleed in the actual combat, the

y have to sweat in the training. This is the true portrayal of the training of the dragon and tiger Commando Brigade.



Hu Bing, leader of the dragon and tiger assault brigade, said that they provided a large number of real and thrilling case references for the play, and provided a venue for Wei shooting. In the play, many Swat training, exercises and actual combat scenes are played by the members of the dragon and tiger Commando Brigade.



The Swat soldiers spend very limited time on personal feelings and life in order to protect social peace. However, they are not "poker face" who don't eat fireworks among people. Instead, in the first line of daily close combat with darkness, they are more eager for romantic love and cherish a beautiful life.



Many of the details of the love affairs of the Swat officers in the play are based on the experience of a deputy leader of the dragon and tiger Commando Brigade. The plot of Xing Kelei's first date with MI ka and playing balloons in the square is exactly the experience of a deputy leader of the dragon and tiger Commando brigade.



During the shooting, many members of the dragon and tiger commando team told the creator that they had a common nickname "pigeon king" in front of their girlfriends, because their dates were always interrupted by temporary training and unexpected tasks, and they were absent from every public holiday, because it was time for them to go on duty to ensure the safety of the people.



What they are most grateful for is the understanding of their families and lovers, and what they owe the most is them. These details well enrich the emotional lines of the protagonists and heroines in this play, making their love story delicate and realistic.



Another highlight of the play is the daily life of the Swat officers full of smoke and fire, which is also inspired by the Dragon Tiger commandos. Among the members of the commando team, there are subordinates who obey the superior absolutely, have unrestrained frolic and play among brothers, and some of the comrades dare to trust each other behind.


It is such a loyal, United, resourceful and brave team that has built a solid city barracks for the people and safeguarded the lives and property of the masses.



There is no quiet time, but someone is carrying a heavy burden for you. The love between the doctor and the

Swat, one is fighting for time with death every day, the other is fighting against the dark every day, with bullets and millisecond minutes, all for life.



During the interview, a reporter asked the leading actor Bai Jingting what he wanted to say to the "police doctor" CP in reality. His answer was: "it's hard. I know the particularity of these two professions very well in the process of playing in this play. They really have to pay more to maintain a relationship than other professions, so I can only talk to doctors and swat professionals "Hard work"



If we insist that this play can teach us anything, it must be the respect, love and treasure of life, the love and optimism of life, the admiration and admiration of swat, doctors and other devotees for the country and the people. They are our role models.




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